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Avondale Pet Turf

Artificial Grass For Pets: Making Pet Owners Lives Easier

Transform Your Yard with Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass

A well-manicured lawn can enhance the look of any home, but maintaining a natural lawn can be a hassle. It requires frequent watering, mowing, trimming, and fertilizing, not to mention the damage that dogs can cause with their digging. But what if you could have a beautiful, green lawn without the hassle and mess?

We have the solution for you. Our team specializes in installing high-quality artificial grass in Avondale specifically designed for pet owners. Say goodbye to dirty paws and noses, and hello to a lawn that stays green and beautiful all year round. Our grass systems are backed by a warranty and are built to last, so your furry friend can enjoy a safe and comfortable space to play.

Is Pet Turf Right for Your Furry Friend?

Installing artificial grass for your pet has numerous benefits compared to natural landscaping. With no dirt or mud, you can keep your home cleaner and free of pests like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas. Our turf is also environmentally friendly and requires no regular watering, saving you time and money.

Special Features of Our Pet Artificial Grass

We offer a wide variety of artificial grass options, including a specially designed pet turf. Our pet-friendly artificial grass has unique features that make it the perfect choice for pet owners.

Urine Neutralizing Backing

We understand the concern of pet owners when it comes to installing artificial grass. With other brands, urine can get trapped in the grass and create unpleasant odors. Our turf features an antibacterial fill and a perforated drain system that ensures quick and easy removal of liquids.

Non-Toxic Materials

Our turf is made with non-toxic materials that are safe for pets. No harmful chemicals, metals, or irritants are used in the production of our pet turf.

Easy Installation and Durable Construction

Our turf is designed for quick and easy installation and is made with tough materials that can withstand even the most active of dogs. The over-gravel design allows for quick drainage of liquids, and no additional padding is required.


Our pet turf is easy to clean and comfortable for your pet’s paws. The advanced UV inhibitors and heat-reflective pigments help keep the turf cool by 15%.

Professional Installation

Our Avondale artificial turf installers are experts in installing pet-friendly turf. We add additional infill for durability, close seams with nailing, and offer a 10-year warranty. All of our pet turf customers also receive a free cleaner bottle.

Enjoy a Low-Maintenance Lawn

Say goodbye to the time-consuming and labor-intensive process of maintaining a natural lawn. With our pet turf, you can forget about regular lawn maintenance and enjoy a beautiful, green yard all year round. Simply remove fallen leaves and doggy droppings as needed.

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