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Fire Pit Pavers

Fire Pit Pavers

Avondale Fire Pit Paver Installation

Unleashing the Beauty of Fire Pit Pavers​

At Avondale Paver Co., we bring the warmth and elegance of custom fire pit pavers to your backyard in Avondale, Arizona. Our expertise lies in creating not just a fire pit, but a central hub of warmth and style for your outdoor space. Our designs range from classic circles to modern squares, in-ground installations to distinct areas with connected walkways, ensuring a perfect match for your landscape.

Crafting Your Ideal Fire Pit Paver Design​

  • Circle Paving Stone Fire Pit: Embrace the classic charm with our circle paving stone design, blending seamlessly with your patio.
  • Rectangle/Square Paving Stone Fire Pit: Ideal for modern landscapes, this design offers a clean, contemporary look.
  • In-Ground Paving Stone Fire Pit: For a unique touch, our in-ground designs provide a mesmerizing experience as if the flames emerge from the earth itself.
  • Separate Area Paving Stone Fire Pit: Transform a section of your backyard into a cozy, dedicated fire pit area, accessible via a charming stone walkway

Compliance and Safety: Our Top Priority​

Before beginning any project, we ensure full compliance with local ordinances and building codes. Understanding that regulations may vary, we handle all necessary checks and permits to guarantee that your fire pit is not just beautiful, but also legal and safe.

Building with Excellence and Safety​

  • Size and Accessibility: We customize the size of your fire pit paver installation, considering accessibility and comfort for your gatherings.
  • Strategic Location: Installed on level ground, our fire pits are positioned safely away from flammable structures, respecting wind patterns to avoid smoke issues.
  • Diverse Build Options: Whether above-ground, in-ground, or portable, we offer a variety of build options to suit your style and functional needs.
  • Material Selection: Our fire pits are constructed with fireproof and heat-resistant materials, ensuring durability and safety.
  • Steel Ring Lining: To enhance longevity and maintain structural integrity, we incorporate a steel fire ring in the design.

Safety and Maintenance​

  • Safe Distance: All installations maintain a safe distance from houses and other structures to prevent any fire hazards.
  • Fuel Considerations: We advise on the best fuel options, from ethanol to natural gas, tailored to your preferences and safety requirements.
  • Fire Safety Gear: Preparedness is key, and we recommend keeping fire safety gear like blankets and extinguishers close at hand.

Installation Best Practices​

  • Base Preparation: The base of your fire pit will be carefully prepared with sand and gravel, ensuring a stable and attractive foundation.
  • Ground Leveling: We ensure the ground is level and compact before installation, whether on dirt or other surfaces.

Invest Wisely in Your Backyard ​

  • Installing a fire pit paver is not just about enhancing your backyard’s aesthetic; it’s also an investment in your property. On average, homeowners can recoup a significant portion of their investment in a fire pit through increased property value.

Ready to Ignite Your Backyard Transformation?

  • Connect with us and let us guide you in creating a stunning, safe, and compliant fire pit paver installation in Avondale, Arizona. Your dream outdoor space is just a call away.

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