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Travertine Pavers

Travertine Pavers


While travertine pavers are not as known as some paver materials like brick and granite, they’re viable paving options. Just like granites, travertine is a durable material. As a matter of fact, The Colosseum, one of the most recognizable extant structures in the world that dates back to ancient Roman Empire, is basically made with travertine almost entirely. Another thing that makes travertine timeless is that it retains the color even when exposed to the weather changes constantly. This is especially important with Arizona’s extreme heat!

Other than that, travertine pavers are ideal for use in the areas where aesthetics is a good consideration. In Arizona the majority of our travertine pavers are installed around pools as patio decks and patio walkways! Travertine may come in dozens of exciting patterns, which can make heads turn as well as captivate people’s fancy. You can select from rattan, basket weave, fish, mosaic, French, diamond-cut, star, herringbone, and some exciting patterns. The available colors are beige, ivory, walnut, pink or peach, red yellow, and so on. Meanwhile, the other finishes that you could pick include tumbled, antique, and honed.

Moreover, travertine is a good border material, which can provide your required accent effect. Take your pick from shells, rope, wicker, stars, scroll, gothic, art deco, wrought iron, and some interesting border design options.

In addition to that, you may select from traditional, old world, modern, and contemporary themes to achieve your preferred results. All of such options are ideal for those who like a personalized look.

Travertine pavers need minimal maintenance efforts as well as cost lower compared to some paving materials. To top it all, travertine is an incomparable material that can solve all your paving needs, regardless of how small or big they are.

If you need a professional travertine paver company in Arizona to help install your new patio or pool deck, be sure to give Avondale Paver Company a call!

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